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This inexplicable thing

Neatly piled clothes left untouched. A favorite lavender balm unopened. Evenings devoid of repeated bathroom trips. A decades-old memory of a conversation that ended up in tears and deep understanding. A phone still receiving "i miss yous". No petty quarrels or “where have you beens”. No more Hey Jude to fill the weekend air. Nor the clamouring for cold beers. This is what a home feels like, with one less person in it. All his memories in your mind in a loop one day, and the next days you are fine. Until you catch sight of something that reminds you of him all over again, both his nagging voice and his affectionate ways. There is that uneasy quiet that turns into a deep sadness and is pretty difficult to climb out of.  But you know you have to move on along and heal because that is what he would’ve wanted you to do.  To remember him with a smile.  To lift yourself up.  To savor life the best way you can. That is what every parent wishes for their children. +++++ That is all D

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