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Lakawon Island in May

It was my first time in Bacolod mid-May and I was excited to see what Lakawon Island looks like & what it has in store for us. According to the very down to earth & cool owner Mr. Vladi, Lakawon originated from the Visayan term "lakaw na" which means "let's go" or "let's walk" that alludes to the idea that when it's low tide you can walk the distance from the sand bar that appears to the main island. Interesting and I'm loving the image already.

We were here for a photoshoot for Trip Magazine and the team is excited to see Lakawon for the first time.

The island was just a one hour land trip from Bacolod airport to the Lakawon port, which is exclusively for the resort guests only. I highly recommend arriving before 5pm at the port, because after passing by the town the way we did, the road was pretty dark already. In fact, our boat ride started off on a funny & exciting note. At 830pm it was low tide, our group had to walk arou…

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