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Banaue On My Mind

I will always look back at my 2019 birthday with fondness. Especially because I made it on a last-minute whim, in April. Though I have been daydreaming about this place for decades now, complete with google searches of what to expect and where to go kind of thing. So finally, I just did it. I made quick plans to travel to one of my bucket list destinations and where our famed rice terraces are - Banaue. Ten hours on a sleeper ride on the road & by early morning, we are greeted by the cool fresh breeze & greens all around. For a full three days & 2 nights, my daughter and I soaked in all the nature and the sleepy town vibe that Banaue offers. 
Now it’s not merely a postcard picture! Amazing views from the different points where Kuya David, our tour guide took us around in a rented tricycle.

Banaue is simply breathtaking and my pictures cannot come close to its magnificence in person. The journey to each spot can be hiked or in my case "my Tita route" of riding the t…

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